Special Animal Buds 3.5g Blue cheese Hemp Tea seedless

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Animal Buds wild Blue Cheese flavor filled (Sativa tubs) 3.5g of Buds in FREE Clear Blue 19 Dram container.

Hand harvested dried and cured Cannabinoid rich flowers Strain (Phenotype three Tiborszallasi) a variety of hemp from European organic fields

Excellent for a variety of uses: Making extra strong green tea using standard infusion methods.

Add a little milk or honey to help dissolve the fatty goodness into your brew. Inhalations or aromatherapy tinctures and compresses. For adding to food or to add to your steam bath, face sauna. Simmer in coconut oil to make creams for hands, body or hair therapy 100% Pure and Quality assured. 100% Pure ingredients nothing added.

(Our Blue Cheese Hemp is now 100% seedless)

Grown in the purest natural environment possible, surrounded by miles of open countryside and agricultural land, The nearest main road is over 10 mileproduct

This is a health product not a wealth product. A little research will show Fedora is one of the best quality hemp varieties on the market and is also (Vegan Friendly)

We think you'll agree, this is one of the strongest green tea's, and has multiple usa